Dublin Spring 2023 –  Online payment system is now available

DUBLIN PARKS TENNIS SPRING Spring 2023 programme

Ph.8338711   Email    parkstennisireland@gmail.com

Boys and girls between 5 and 17 can learn tennis in Spring 2023.  

Class times  5 – 7yrs first session  :  8 – 10yrs second session :  11 – 17yrs last session 

Coaching is conducted by qualified coaches and is open to all, irrespective of their tennis experience.    

Use of all sanitized equipment provided free

 There is a once off fee for 8 weeks € 35 – plus online booking fee of €1.80 

TO PAY ONLINE  Click here

Starting at 8 venues below SATURDAY 11th  FEBRUARY 2023 at class times listed

  1.  St.Annes Park,Raheny             : 5 – 7 yrs @ 9.30am : 8 – 10yrs @ 10.45am : 11 – 17yrs @ 12noon
  2. Rockfield Park,Artane               : 5 – 7 yrs @ 10am : 8 – 10yrs @ 11.15am : 11 – 17yrs @ 12.30pm
  3. Johnstown Park, Ballygall        : 5 – 7 yrs @ 10am : 8 – 10yrs @ 11.15am : 11 – 17yrs @ 12.30pm
  4. Albert College Park,Glasnevin : 5-7 yrs @ 9.30am : 8 – 10yrs @ 10.45am : 11-17yrs @ 12noon
  5. Riverwood Estate,Castleknock.D15  : 5 – 7 yrs @ 10am : 8 – 10yrs @ 11.15am : 11 – 17yrs @ 12.30pm
  6. Bushy Park, Terenure                 : 5 – 7 yrs @ 9.30am : 8 – 10yrs @ 10.45am : 11 – 17yrs @ 12noon
  7. Cherryfield Park,Walkinstown : 5 – 7 yrs @ 10am : 8 – 10yrs @ 11.15am : 11 – 17yrs @ 12.30pm
  8. Malahide Castle Courts              : 5 – 7 yrs @ 9.30am : 8 – 10yrs @ 10.45am : 11 – 17yrs @ 12noon.
  9. Marlay Park,Rathfarnham        : 5 – 7 yrs @ 9.30am : 8 – 10yrs @ 10.45am : 11 – 17yrs @ 12noon

The following venues operate on week days:

Starting  WEDNESDAY 8th  FEBRUARY at class times listed below.

10.  Seagrange Park, Baldoyle. 5 – 7 yrs @ 3pm : 8 – 10yrs @ 4.15pm : 11 – 17yrs @ 5.30pm

Starting  THURSDAYS 9th FEBRUARY at  class times listed below.

11.  Balrothery Tennis Club, Balbriggan : 5 – 7 yrs @ 3pm : 8 – 10yrs @ 4.15pm : 11 – 17yrs @ 5.30pm

12.   Clarinda Park, Dun Laoghaire : 5 – 7 yrs @ 3pm : 8 – 10yrs @ 4.15pm : 11 – 17yrs @ 5.30pm

This programme is supported by the Dublin Local Authorities and Tennis Ireland

dublin fingal south dlr



Parks Tennis will at all times adhere to the latest directives from HSE, Sport Ireland and Tennis Ireland, if and when they occur during the programme. Parents will be advised of any such changes if and when they arise.

Children must not be brought to the class if they have a cough, or any flu like symptoms, or if within the previous l4 days they have been in contact with a person known to have Covid-19.

Please note the following:

  1. It is no longer necessary to observe the 2 meter distance
  2. Children can mingle but we will keep them in pods during classes
  3. The wearing of masks is not mandatory now
  4. Contact screening will not continue
  5. All other sanitising regulations will remain, e.g. hands and equipment.

Our staff will do everything possible to avoid the spread of Covid-19 and its variants during our programme.


Parents must read these guidelines and explain the relevant points to your child regarding rules that apply when classes are in operation. The Coach will reiterate these rules again on court every day.

Prior to lesson:

  1. Prior payment only online via www.parkstennis.com.   There will be no handling of cash.
  2. Children should wash their hands with soap before arriving. The coaching team will apply sanitising liquid on the children’s hands on arrival, during the camp if deemed necessary and again when leaving. If your child has an allergy please bring your own sanitising liquid and ensure that it is not shared.
  3. Please arrive and leave as close as possible to the time allocated.
  4. Parents should bring their child to the designated entrance area and collect at the same gate. Some venues might have a separate entrance and exit gate.
  5. Parents are not allowed in the court area.
  6. Children should arrive ready to play as no facility will be available for changing clothes.
  7. Parents should make toilet provisions prior to attending. In the case of a toilet emergency, all Child Protection and HSE directives will be observed by the coaching team. The child’s parent is welcome to be in attendance in such an instance.
  8. A parent or designated adult must be available nearby. In case a child becomes unwell, the person must have a mobile phone turned on. In such an instance the child must be collected promptly.
  9. If a child is unwell during the lesson, then this session will stop immediately and parents contacted to collect their child.
  10. Nothing should be brought from home except a child can bring own tennis racquet and labelled water bottle. Sanitised racquets will be available on court for all children.
  11. After the lesson parents/guardians and children must leave the venue promptly.
  12. You should not attend the lessons if you or your child has:
    • Flu-like symptoms during the class e.g. cough, fever, shortness of breath, excessive fatigue, sore throat.
    • Been in contact with someone with Covid-19 or displaying the symptoms of Covid-19 in the last 14 days.



  • Your email or mobile numbers will only be used for contact purposes or to inform you of future programmes and will not be passed on to others. All contacts from us will have an opt out facility.  I/we, the parent(s)/guardian of the above, hereby give my/our consent to his/her participation in the Dublin Parks Tennis programme.
  • I/we do hereby release Dublin Parks Tennis, it’s officers, directors, employees, agents volunteers, and sponsors from all and any liability no matter how arising with his/her attendance, play and transportation related thereto. I/We give permission for basic first aid to be administered by a coach where considered necessary or by a suitably qualified medical practitioner. If I cannot be contacted and the child requires emergency hospital treatment, I authorize a qualified medical practitioner to provide emergency treatment or medication.
  • All information will be treated in confidence and in compliance with our legal obligations including GDPR.
  • Participants in this programme are expected to be well behaved and show respect for their Coaches. Dublin Parks Tennis shall not be responsible for any child left unsupervised outside of allocated times. They also reserve the right to make date/venue changes if necessary. Dublin Parks Tennis shall not be held accountable should an activity be suspended or cancelled due to bad weather or a Covid-19 related issue or if new HSE guidelines are issued resulting in closure of activities. In such circumstances no refund will be given. Dublin Parks Tennis cannot be held liable or responsible for damages, injuries or loss of possessions.
  • Our Child Protection Policy and Safety Statement and Data Protection Privacy Statement are available on parkstennis.com. In the case of children carrying an EpiPen, a parent or a designated adult, must stay for the class duration. This may also be necessary for children with special needs.
  • By registering online and by accepting these document you are confirming that you agree to comply with the organisations “Parents Code of Conduct” and “Players Code of Conduct” on our website parkstennis.com and also the Conditions for Participation above as directed by HSE, Sport Ireland and Tennis Ireland.