Autumn 2022 programme

Dublin Parks Tennis are delighted to announce our childrens tennis coaching programme will take place in Autumn 2022. Classes for 8 weeks will start end September 2022. Our Standard Terms and Conditions hereunder apply.

Venues, dates and times can be viewed in Locations in above Headings or Click Here.

Registration and Payment available Online only-  Click Here.

Coaching is done by qualified/trained coaches and is open to all, irrespective of their tennis experience. Use of all sanitized equipment is provided free.

Please observe HSE/Government changes in the Covid-19 protocol as they occur during the programme and as they appear on the HSE website and in the social media.

Due to directives from HSE, Sport Ireland and Tennis Ireland numbers in classes is curtailed.   Conditions for Participation and Terms and Conditions are available in Locations above