What age do you have to be to participate in Parks Tennis?

Anyone from 5-17 years of age can participate – unless otherwise stated on the local form.

How does one register?

Simply find your nearest Parks Tennis location and register on the appropriate day at your nearest location.

For late registrations simply call the local co-ordinator for your location. You can also download the form for your area on the website and all details are contained on these forms.

How much does it cost?

All venues vary in terms of cost but all are great value. For example in Dublin, the cost is €45  for 1 month of coaching for 20 hours!

What times do the camps start at and how long do they go on for?

What do I need to bring along with me to the camps?

All you need are runners and sports clothing as rackets and balls are provided for at all locations, and sunscreen according to the weather.

What if I have never played tennis before?

That’s no problem at all as our camps cater for all skill levels. It’s all about having fun and making new friends and our top class coaches will bring you up to speed very soon!

What if I become really good and want to progress further after the camps?

Children with strong potential are selected during the Summer programme and coached in Regional Squads throughout the year. The squads are then linked into the Under 9 & 11 Tennis Ireland Development Programme so there is no lack of opportunities for you to progress further. Some areas also provide coaching throughout the Winter months, so make sure you enquire through your local co-ordinator.

How do I make payment?

Dublin members can now register and pay online.  Some other venues operate a payable system – check forms.

Otherwise please bring along payment to your registration day, cash and cheques are acceptable on the day. For late payments please contact your local co-ordinator.

Will there be supervision?

Yes there will be full supervision from our qualified coaching staff at all times.

Are the coaching staff trained?

All staff working for us in any capacity are Garda vetted and receive formal training either through a coaching qualification or by a full days regional coaching clinic.

How will the children be grouped on the court?

Children will be streamed into groups in accordance to their level of tennis ability.

What if I miss a coaching session?

There is no problem if you miss a coaching session, just come along the next coaching day!

What if it rains?

Our coaching sessions go on regardless of weather! It is advised to bring rain-gear if the weather is bad.

Is it mixed?

Yes of course it’s for boys and girls.

Are the children covered by insurance whilst playing tennis?

Yes we have Public Liability which covers all participating children and coaches.